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Turn a favorite photo into a fun caricature that looks exactly like the photo.

Bibliography of Published Baseball Music and Songs in the Collections of the Music Division at the Library of Congress (
This is a list of published baseball music and songs from the collections of the Music Division at the Library of Congress. ... [Note: Billed as the great baseball war song. Cover art features a caricature of Uncle Sam at the plate.] ...

Sports Antiquities - Auction Results
... Munro Table Baseball Game - National 9 Man Baseball, 14" x 36". ... 50 hard plastic card holders with plastic screws. 5 baseball qubes. 3 round baseball holders. ...

OJR Matt Welch: Baseball's Cruel Political Satire
Wherein an E-mail rumor about an interview with presidential candidates is an obvious caricature ... and 100% true. Shockingly, Baseball has provided the character analysis all those debates merely hinted at. - [TV Guide]
from TV Guide Online

Baseball Guides For Sale
Sportsman's Park Web Site: Baseball Guides and Sporting News Publications for sale. ... Sporting News Baseball Dope Book: 1949 (Musial caricature) $25. 1950 (Williams caricature) $25 ...

Baseball Books
... THE FIRESIDE BOOK OF BASEBALL. Terrific baseball anthology (edited by Charles ... A must for every baseball fan's library. 3rd printing. ... 1960 BASEBALL IS A FUNNY GAME by Joe Garagiola. ...

Clutch Hits - Baseball Primer (September 3, 2002 - Post #4530)
Baseball for the Thinking Fan. Statistics, humor, news and anything of interest to baseball fans - Who wins: Marlins or Cubs? Myriad reasons for both sides
In a fascinating matchup of the upstart Marlins and loveable loser Cubs in the NLCS, there are reasons aplenty why each team has a chance to advance to the World Series.

the Art of Don Tywoniw - caricature of a Yankee Fan
caricature of a baseball fan who tatooed the Yankee logo onto his heart and rips his chest open to show the world his dedication

Current Biography Excerpts: Baseball
... Current Biography Excerpts: Baseball. To view an excerpt from the ... medalist, a collegiate baseball all-star, and a high-school ... ever to play the game of baseball. Since becoming an ...

National Baseball Hall of Fame - Archival Finding Aids and Inventories - Margaret and Franklin Steele Sheet Music Collec
... donated to the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum ... sheet music and other baseball memorabilia, building one of the ... consultants to the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, ...

Baseball Body by The Blue Studios Caricatures
... About Us. Baseball Body. By Christine Fusco ... of the Top 100. Caricature Sites! Click here to vote for ...
Enter our draw and you could win a FREE CARICATURE!!! Digital Paint uses state of the art digital technology to create photo quality paintings, caricatures, and personalized cartoons for you.

Baseball Cards and All Kinds of Sports Memoribilia For Sale
... caricature drawings of 20 major-leaguers, a bag of Ken Griffey, Jr. Chocolate Chip Cookies (unopened) a Frank Thomas authographed baseball, ...

The Baseball Crank
From the Archives January 9, 2001 A Miserable Night for Baseball It's April, and it's raining, and I'm at the last-ever opening day for the double-A Memphis Chicks. ... mascot caricature I've seen, well, ever: a Chief, walking around in oversized moccasins and a baseball uniform, with ...

NANCEs Music Fans Shop 5 | CafePress
... NANCE Caricature Men's Baseball Jersey. $22.99 ...

KRT Direct | Caricatures
... 3 col x 9.5 in / 146x241 mm / 497x821 pixels Chris Ware color caricature of Major League Baseball commissioner Bud Selig. ...

KRT Direct | Search KRT
... 3 col x 9.5 in / 146x241 mm / 497x821 pixels Chris Ware color caricature of Major League Baseball commissioner Bud Selig. ...

Darryl Strawberry - Baseball Cards Sorted by Year
The unofficial Darryl Strawberry Homepage -- Baseball Cards Sorted by Year ... 1981: Lynchburg Mets Team Postcard #2. 1982: Baseball America 5/10/82. 1982: Baseball America, 12/15/82 ... 1983: Baseball America, 11/15/83 ...

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