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Simply place your pet's character on your desk at work or hang it on a wall in your home -- you'll instantly have a talked about and envied picture that makes your pet the star of the show!

If you like to talk about your pet (and who doesn't), then you'll want their own personal caricature from Dimple Art. Nothing starts a conversation quicker and puts the focus on your pet!

Simple send us a picture and let us know what you'd like to see your pet doing...

Should we show your cat fishing, with a large pole, fishing cap, and a bucket of fish? Would you like to see your dog doing what he loves in a caricature? Maybe your horse running the winning race or in a Western setting? Whatever you want -- for pets big, small, and in-between -- we will make sure you get it.

Pet Caricatures by Dimple Art capture the funny, sweetness, and personality of your special companion in un-lifelike detail the way only a true work of art can. Now, you can have a caricature drawn of your beloved best friend, ensuring that you always remember that favorite moment or classic animal expression. These beautiful pet caricatures are custom-drawn from your favorite photo (used as a reference) by

Caricatures are a wonderful keepsake of your pet for you to cherish forever. They also make a thoughtful, unique gift for anyone who loves their pet as much as you do.

All you need to do is send us a photo, or photos, of your pet, and tell us how you want it customized.

The funny caricature will be drawn and sent to your Dimple Art Member's Area ! (For more detail about Dimple Art Member's Area, please click here )

Quality of service is GUARANTEED! If for any reason you are not satisfied, we will re-draw your caricature until you are satisfied, or simply refund the full purchase price, NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

Not only that .....

We also offer SUPER FAST DELIVERY, because we know you will be anticipating the caricature. Place your order today and you will receive your custom pet caricature within just 5 business days

We offer three levels of exaggeration to your pet caricature face--
NO exaggeration, a little exaggeration, and over exaggeration.
You can pick the level that works best for you.

We provide 24-hour email response customer support. Day or night, when you have questions or orders, we will be there for you

We are committed to our customers. We don't let a single customer go away unsatisfied. We want our customers to come back again and again because of our quality services.

Our prices are VERY AFFORDABLE! Those artists sitting in the mall or at parks drawing caricatures usually ask a hefty price for these fun pictures. But why pay more when we offer better quality and LOW, LOW PRICES? Plus, you won't find one of those mall artists offering a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

For the best pet caricatures you'll find anywhere, and a total customer commitment, you've come to the right place!


P.S. For planning to use the caricature for professional purposes, with special drawing requirements, price and delivery terms are negotiable and we are open to business deals and supplier partnerships. Click here to review our procedures:

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